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Are You A Boudoir Reader?
Are You A Boudoir Reader?
Seduced by The Saucerman
The Keyhole
Seduce Me Santa
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Welcome to Boudoir Reader – the new home of the most talented voices in erotic romance. It’s the perfect place to indulge your appetite for spicy stories. Some of our books may be unconventional… but isn’t the boudoir a perfect place to explore new fantasies and ideas?

Whether it’s the steamy, secret world of THE KEYHOLE or the lusty comedy SEDUCED BY THE SAUCERMEN we’ll always bring you erotica that’s as vibrant as your imagination… and we’re betting you have a very vivid imagination.

Lie back and enjoy our array of audio excerpts, sample chapters, book trailers, interviews and many other wicked treats.


Seduce Me Santa by Albina Nahar will be available for FREE on Amazon Saturday December 5th and December 8th– 11th! It’s only a limited time giveaway so don’t miss it. And please write a customer review on Amazon, it’s a great way to support the author. Mark down the dates – you’ll be glad you did. Here’s the Amazon USA link. Canadians can also get it on Download now! 

Watch the trailers for Seduced by the Saucermen and The Keyhole.