Welcome to Boudoir Reader!

Boudoir Reader is a new destination for Spicy romance and Sizzling Erotica. We are taking a boutique approach to the world of erotic eBooks, dedicating ourselves to inspiring readers and authors. Some of you have noticed we only have two books on our page… while other publishers have dozens. In truth we have two GREAT books on our page. How many can say that?

Albina Nahar is our first author and we’re beyond excited to have such a talented and vivacious personality on our team. Her books blew us away and we wanted to ensure they had the spotlight on our maiden voyage. To support Albina we’ve rolled out an array of eye-popping book trailers and other cool stuff. That’s the kind of boost Boudoir Reader will be offering to writers.

Besides her radiant smile what excited us about Albina, was her unique blending of humor, drama and erotica. She is dedicated to the idea that readers want something daring and innovative… and it’s our job to take risks and create that.

New writers are always welcome to submit BUT we’re not accepting quickie literature. We want you to thrill us with something that’s unique, offbeat and, of course smoldering hot. If the subject is billionaires or stepbrothers it must have a fresh, original approach. As Frank Capra said “Don’t follow trends, start trends.” You thought Adam Ant made that up didn’t you?

We’ll set up a writer’s page very soon, complete with an onerous submission form to fill out.

Enough about us, we’re going to hand over the blog to Albina.